A peek inside our can.


Cold Brew Coffee

Slow-roasted and brewed in small batches for a rich, smooth flavor. Enhanced with a touch of chicory.

Agave Inulin

Ever-so-slightly sweetened by naturally fiber-rich agave inulin from the blue agave plant. (Yep. the same one that gives us tequila).  

Monk Fruit

A delightful Asian melon that’s naturally sweet and miraculously calorie-free. (We don’t know how either.) 

Pure Extracts

Pure extracts like orange, cinnamon and chocolate for a little extra flavor. Because life’s too short to be plain. 


Lightly carbonated for that carefree, effervescent feeling. (But not enough to make you sneeze.)




Infused with calorie-free chill vibes and sunny thoughts of our entire SoCal team.


Regular coffee was kinda flat. So we fizzed it up.

Inspired by the SoCal active, healthy lifestyle and our own selfish love of great coffee, Sofee was created to reinvigorate as well as caffeinate. With minimal ingredients, a small-batch process, craft flavors and just enough carbonation to be refreshing, Sofee is nothing like the coffee you’re used to drinking. And yet it’s exactly what you’ve been craving.

Whether you live in SoCal or just want to feel like you do, Sofee is the perfect pick-me-up.


Get your fix locally.

Sofee is now in over 30 locations across Southern California including Gelson’s Markets and Erewhon.